Sources Said Donald Trump Is Playing A Game Of Chicken With The AG; Doesn’t Believe Merrick Garland “Has The Balls” To Charge Him, But His Own Allies And Aides Fear He’s Very Wrong

Play silly games, win silly prizes, Donald.

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It looks like Donald Trump’s deep-seated ego and staggering level of narcissism are about to get the best of him, in the worst kind of way.

According to an eye-opening report from The Independent, corrupt, scandal-ridden ex-President Trump is trying to play a game of chicken, of sorts, with Biden Administration Attorney General Merrick Garland, following the absolutely explosive search warrant raid that was executed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation against the former president’s Mar-a-Lago compound, personally signed off on by Mr. Merrick Garland himself.

It seems Trump is trying to play, and ultimately beat the system that he was once so deeply ingrained in, with regard to his alleged illegal activity during and after his own White House term. According to insiders who spoke with the publication, the ex-president seems to think Attorney General Garland ultimately wouldn’t dare indict and prosecute a former sitting president of the United States — meanwhile, Trump’s own allies, aides, and closest insiders fear that his confidence will be dead wrong in the end.

A Trump confidante spoke with The Independent regarding the stark differences between Donald Trump’s latest massive scandal — this time regarding his decision to remove a countless number of boxes filled with top-secret, confidential, and federally protected documents and materials from the White House and relocate them to his Mar-a-Lago estate that he now calls home during the tumultuous end of his overall disastrous presidency — versus other times that Donald Trump has gone head to head with the US Justice Department.

“They suggested that the rapidly changing excuses emanating from Trumpworld reflects his inner circle’s lack of capacity to handle what could end up being the first-ever criminal indictment of a former president,” the publication reports.

The Independent goes on to specifically point out that Donald Trump no longer has access to the high-profile, high-ranking legal team that he once enjoyed during his defense against the Russia probe by former Special Counsel Robert Mueller during the early days of his presidency.

One former Trump administration and campaign official admitted to the publication, “He’s not even lined up with the best legal team to defend him in this situation. He’s run through all the attorneys who would take one for him.”

In the days since the bombshell Mar-a-Lago search and seizure, numerous news outlets have discussed and analyzed the ex-president’s ever-revolving excuses for his behavior and actions that led to the raid against his compound, while activists and Americans band together on social media to mock the fact that the former guy apparently couldn’t get his own stories straight were his life to depend on it.

At the end of the day, as pointed out by The Independent’s report, it’s undeniable that Donald Trump either doesn’t understand or just doesn’t accept the level of serious trouble he’s facing down when this is all said and done and the dust settles around him. However, Trump Camp is as divided as ever on the topic. The report notes Donald’s closest insiders are split into two resoundingly opposite opinions — the camp that agrees with Trump and doesn’t believe Merrick Garland will ever truly bring down a former president and the camp that knows the former president is staring down the barrel of a level of serious trouble he’s never seen before.

“He doesn’t think Garland has the balls to truly take him on,” one Trump insider told the publication. “And the people who think this is a political problem are drowning out the ones who actually understand how this stuff works.”

I guess we’re about to find out, aren’t we, Donald?

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