Stephanie Grisham Revealed The One Word Text She Got From Melania On Jan. 6th That Apparently Convinced Her To Resign

I'm not even surprised.

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Stephanie Grisham’s new book, I’ll Take Your Questions Now: What I Saw at the Trump White House,” is making the rounds, and Melania Trump’s former chief of staff appeared on CNN to promote it. Grisham discussed what led to her resignation on Jan. 6, the very day of the deadly insurrection. Grisham explained that after the Capitol was attacked by a mob of Trump supporters that she tried to get Melania to condemn the riots, but that’s not what happened. Instead, Grisham got a one-word text, and that led to her resignation.

“I wanted her to say….’To assemble is the right of every American, but there is no room for violence or hatred,'” she said. Instead of condemning the attacks, the former first lady texted Grisham back to say, “no.”

“Nothing political,” she continued, adding, “just please let’s take the temperature down. I thought she would because when Charlottesville happened, she was one of the first to put something out… when she wrote back ‘no’ – one word ‘no’, I just stared at the phone, I was shocked, and I was kind of waiting for a follow up of ‘Maybe we should say this,’ but there was just nothing.”

According to Yahoo News, after Grisham’s resignation, the former first lady sent her an uninspiring letter that was composed as if it were addressed to someone whom she had barely known.

“After they left the White House, Mrs. Trump sent all of her employees personalized letters thanking them for their service, along with a candid photo with them that she had signed,” she wrote. “I know that because the gift was my idea and I wrote the letters which were filled with personalized details as well as their job titles.”

“Not that it matters at this point, but I received no gift, and my letter was so vague and cold that a doorman would have been offended,” she wrote. “It read, ‘Dear Stephanie, Thank you for your service to the American people as a member of the office of the First Lady. I hope you look back on your time at the White House as cherished, knowing you helped serve our country. I send my best wishes to you on your next endeavor.'”

You can watch the CNN interview below:

That’s kind of cold, Mel.

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