Surfaced Photo Shows GOP Congressman Who Called Rioters “Normal Tourists” Barricading Door During Insurrection


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Republican Rep. Andrew Clyde is receiving quite a backlash after saying that the deadly January 6 insurrection is a “bald-faced lie” and compared the rioters to tourists. The Georgia Republican claimed during a House Oversight Committee hearing that the House floor was not breached and that the supporters of former President Donald Trump who stormed the Capitol behaved “in an orderly fashion.” Republicans have been shamelessly downplaying the insurrection and want us not to believe what we saw with our own eyes.

And now, there is a photo circulating that shows Clyde helping others to push furniture against the doors of the House chamber. Most of us don’t need to barricade ourselves from “tourists.”

The Georgia Republican is, of course, the one not wearing a protective face mask.

Twitter users were quick to weigh in.

The Jan. 6 insurrection resulted in over 140 police being injured. And Trump supporters were armed with stun guns, pepper spray, baseball bats, and flagpoles were wielded as clubs. A suspect allegedly planted pipe bombs by the headquarters of the Democratic and Republican parties the night before the riot. Yeah, just regular tourists, though, right?

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