Suspicious Info Regarding Donald Trump’s Ex-Wife Ivana Was Reportedly Contained In Publicly Released “Secret” FBI Files

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According to rather bombshell reporting from Bloomberg News, the Federal Bureau of Investigation released a series of formerly “secret” files the agency has kept related to former President Donald J. Trump’s first ex-wife and mother of his eldest three children, Ivana Trump.

Ivana Trump died rather tragically at the age of 73 in July of last year, from what her autopsy has confirmed were fatal injuries sustained from a fall inside her New York home. ABC News 7 reported in the aftermath of her untimely death, “Her death has been ruled an accident. The Medical Examiner has determined her cause of death was an accident caused by blunt impact injuries to her torso.”

The bombshell Bloomberg report notes that the FBI files related to Donald Trump’s first wife, Ivana, were classified as “secret.”

FBI officials have released the internal documents pertaining to the Manhattan socialite in response to a Freedom of Information Act request from Bloomberg News. The Bureau reportedly located and maintains a staggering 900 pages of information on Donald Trump’s ex-wife. In response to the information request, the FBI released 190 of the nearly 1,000 pages they have and stated that they would release the remainder of the internal documents next month.

After reviewing the pages they have received from the FBI, Bloomberg confirms a variety of “inquiries” into the Manhattan socialite and former Trump wife.

The report reveals that Ivana was “under an FBI counterintelligence inquiry into allegations about her connections in her home country of Czechoslovakia in the 1990s.”

“The inquiry spanned several countries,” the publication goes on to report, “with US legal attaches in Canada and Europe instructed to inquire about the circumstances of her emigration from then-Communist Czechoslovakia to Austria and later to Canada and to look into her association with individuals whose names are redacted from the release. The agency also dug through court records of her divorce from Donald Trump.”

The files maintained a “secret” classification up until their recent release, and one particular document hailing from Feb. 14, 1989, confirmed that the FBI “recommended a preliminary inquiry be opened on Ivana Trump,” citing information the bureau obtained from a confidential source. The document further notes, “it is unknown if the allegations stem from jealousies of her wealth and fame. Investigation continuing.” The contents of that particular inquiry were redacted by the agency.

“While the nature of the FBI’s inquiry into Ivana Trump is unknown, it involved the bureau’s counterintelligence division and was highly sensitive, according to the documents, and spanned at least two years,” the publication reports.

Bloomberg specifically notes:

The documents on Ivana Trump were maintained by the FBI in an investigative file. The bureau has files on tens of thousands of Americans and foreigners, most of which relate to various FBI investigations. Ivana Trump was not accused of any wrongdoing.

Documents from those files, which could be news clippings, interview summaries with the subject and witnesses and notes, are withheld from public disclosure for privacy reasons while the person is still alive. Those privacy rights disappear, however, after the person dies.
The FBI redacted swaths of information from the files citing national security concerns, personal privacy, law enforcement techniques and procedures and because some information would reveal the identities of confidential sources and informants.”

I would certainly call this interesting and perhaps even a bit suspicious, wouldn’t you?

Read the full report from Bloomberg News (subscription required) here.

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