Swing State Voters Appear To Be Having Doubts About Trump After His Hostility Towards Iran: “My Son’s 18 — He’s Draft Age”

It turns out that wagging the dog was a dumb idea.

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There are more troops in the middle east since Donald Trump took office than before and now he has put the U.S. on the brink of war with Iran while failing to keep his promise of ending “forever wars.” That move could harm his reelection chances as swing-state voters are not on board with his recent decisions, according to the New York Times’ Jeremy W. Peters who spoke with voters in Iowa and North Carolina.

“All he’s been saying is, ‘We’re getting out of there, we’re getting out of there, we’re getting out of there,’” said Mark Blume, a contractor in Dubuque, Iowa. “He’s putting those kids in harm’s way. What he says and what he does are two different things, and that’s what I don’t like about him.”

“I just get heartsick with all this political tribalism,” said Ray Harrington, an Iowa National Guard veteran who described himself as a moderate Republican who served in Afghanistan. While saying that part of him wants to go overseas, he added, “But I get concerned. My son’s 18. He’s draft age.”

Peters also spoke to a vet in North Carolina who semed dismayed since Trump’s platform is “America First.”

“We were going to get out of these wars, focus on America first,” said Allen Chesser of Spring Hope, N.C. “That’s what I think everybody thought they were getting.”

Chesser wasn’t pleased that the Republican party fell in line with Trump after he called for the airstrike to assassinate General Qassem Soleimani earlier this month.

“These are what you would call conservatives, they’re patriots. They’ve fought and paid,” Chesser said. And now, he said, “because I disagree I’m somehow anti-Trump, which somehow makes me anti-Republican and lessens my patriotism? I don’t get it.”

It’s good to see people like Mr. Chesser waking up from the fever that seems to be affecting Trump voters. Trump has always had a fascination with the military and nuclear bombs, though, the latter of which alarmed the rest of us during his campaign because he would end up with the nuclear codes. And then the unhinged candidate got elected. Then, on Jan 2020, “World War III” started trending on Twitter.

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