Tabloid Exposed Ivanka Trump’s “VERY Lavish” Post-White House Lifestyle And It’s Honestly Disturbing

She's clearly living her best life.

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Former First Daughter Ivanka Trump has been the talk of many a news cycle in recent weeks, as the eldest Trump daughter has appeared to make a very clear-cut and extremely public split from her scandal-ridden father and his controversial political leprosy.

Now, the Daily Mail has hit the scene with reporting on what they described as Ivanka’s “VERY lavish” post-White House lifestyle that, according to their headline, is filled with “jetting off on exotic trips to enjoying water sport sessions, private boat outings, and daily workouts in Miami.”

The tabloid notes in their report that, following her father’s disastrous and humiliating 2020 presidential campaign loss, Ivanka and her husband Jared, as well as their three children, made the move down south to Miami, FL. At first, it was somewhat assumed that Jared and Ivanka flew south in an effort to remain close to her ex-presidential father, who set up shop at his Mar-a-Lago country club turned post-White House personal residence as soon as he was officially booted from the Executive Mansion.

But the more we learn, the more it seems that the former first daughter and her family are living their best lives in Ron DeSantis’ state, in spite of her dad’s relatively close proximity, not because of.

The report notes that the couple has purchased and is renovating a $24 million waterfront mansion on Indian Creek island and seem to be living a happy life in style.

Ivanka has recently reignited her habit of documenting her lush lifestyle on her Instagram, as the Daily Mail presents a collection of photos and reporting that speaks to an influx of activities such as wakeboarding, and countless lavish trips across the country and around the world for the Kushner/Trump brood.

Frankly, we’re not exactly surprised to see the likes of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner living up their best lives without an apparent care in the world. What is unsettling and disturbing, though, is the mere thought of how much of that cash they’re blowing through was earned through nepotism, corruption, and grifting on the coattails of the US presidency.

Read the full report and see all the juicy photos from the Daily Mail here.

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