Tabloid Released Photos That Appeared To Confirm Sean Hannity’s Secret Relationship With His Fox News Colleague

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In a bit of juicy drama for the already scandal-ridden Fox News Network, UK entertainment tabloid, The Daily Mail, has obtained and released new photos that appear to confirm a long-rumored, highly-secretive relationship between two of the ultra right-wing network’s most notable talking heads.

61-year-old Sean Hannity and 49-year-old Ainsley Earhardt — both of whom serve as extremely high-profile hosts on the controversial Conservative Fox News Network — have been “best friends” for ages now, and rumors have long been swirling around the two regarding a possible romantic connection between the co-workers but were never officially confirmed.

That is, until now, it seems, as the Daily Mail reports they “can reveal that friendship has bloomed into a committed relationship so strong they’ve blended their lives and their families.”

Neither Hannity nor Earhardt would confirm the romantic relationship when pressed about it, appearing to keep their affairs rather secretive. But new photos and reporting appear to show that their relationship has only been growing by the day, despite their tight-lipped nature, with the pair officially beginning to blend their families and even traveling as an official couple, more than three years into their dating rumors.

The tabloid reports:

Arm-in-arm over breakfast at a Waffle House in South Carolina in January, or cozying up over corn in the cob at an Oyster festival on Long Island last Fall, these never-before-seen photos give a glimpse of just how undeniable their bond has become.

And with Earhardt’s seven-year-old daughter, Hayden, never far from their side, those close to the couple have confirmed that what began as a working relationship is now well and truly a family affair, with Hannity proving an ‘adoring’ step-father-like figure to the young girl.”

An inside source that’s reportedly close to the couple told the publication, “They are extremely happy together and have been for a while. It’s not a surprise to anyone who knows them, but they’re very private people and prefer to keep their personal life private and lowkey. They started out as best friends and the relationship evolved over time. ‘He’s a generous and kind guy and she is just an incredibly wonderful person – they’re a really sweet couple with so much love for each other.”

The source added that Hannity, who has 2 children of his own, “adores Ainsley’s daughter Hayden.”

You can check out the photos, video, and additional reporting from the Daily Mail here.

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