Ted Cruz Just Admitted Republicans May Lose Texas And It Could Be Trump’s Fault

Even Trump's own people know his clock is ticking.

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Donald Trump and his band of GOP cronies like to publicly perpetuate the claim that Donald has the 2020 reelection in the bag. But let’s face it — that is far from the truth and even they know it.

Even Trump himself has gone so far as to admit to donors in private that the platform of socialism endorsed by some Democrats will be a difficult one to beat as many young voters are coming of age and want to see their money work for them rather than lining the pockets of politicians while they can’t even afford rent or antibiotics. And his near-constant, immature attacks against the other party reeks of his deep-seated fear.

Now generally, the rest of Trump’s little minions are far more careful about actually admitting to Trump’s dismal 2020 chances in public — most likely because they’ve seen first hand what happens to members of the Trump administration who dare to challenge or embarrass the president in any way.

But as the election season quickly creeps up on everyone, it seems that even prominent GOPers are becoming a lot more vocal when it comes to their true feelings on Trump’s 2020 reelection chances.

According to a new report from Politico, even Trump sycophant and Texas Senator Ted Cruz is feeling some serious trepidation surrounding the 2020 election in his own state, admitting that Texas Democrats up in arms against another four years of Donald Trump and he feels that Democratic hopeful Beto O’Rourke’s narrow, three-point loss of a Senate seat in 2018 is far from a one-off incident.

“I think the Texas election in 2018 is powerful foreshadowing for what to expect across the country in 2020,” Cruz stated according to the Politico report. “The Democrats in Texas increased their turnout more than 100 percent.”

“The far left is pissed off,” the Texas Senator surprisingly admitted. “They hate the president and that is a powerful motivator.”

“If we lose Texas, it’s game over,” he confessed.

Something tells me Donald Trump won’t be too happy once he catches wind of Cruz’s confession — he wants all of his leeches to go down with him in the end. But the fact of the matter is, every clown in that circus of an administration knows that the jig is almost up.

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