Lindsey Graham Says He Plans To Put Obama Under Oath To Ask Him What He Knows About FBI’s Investigation Of Trump

Seriously, what does Trump have on him?!

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For whatever reason, Lindsey Graham has made a complete one-eighty from a Trump critic to one of his staunchest sycophants. And despite all the speculation surrounding the move by the Senator, no one can quite figure out why. But nevertheless, they call him Lindsey the Lapdog for good reason.

Graham recently made an appearance on Fox News with Sean Hannity where he once again reiterated his support for the president and this time took to attacking one of Donald’s own favorite victims — former president Barack Obama.

During his sit-down with Hannity, the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman revealed that he’s fed up with the FBI’s incessant (and rightful) investigations into Donald Trump and he plans to call in Trump’s predecessor to put him under oath and grill him on what he knows about them.

According to Graham, he’s doing some investigating of his own into who told Obama, who was still president at the time, about the counterintelligence investigation into Donald, who was still just a presidential candidate at the time.

“I can’t imagine an investigation of the Republican nominee for president — a counterintelligence investigation of his campaign — was not approved at the highest level,” Graham proclaimed. “I cannot imagine it happening without somebody in the White House knowing about it.”

MSN reported that Hannity questioned Graham as to whether or not he’d be interested in calling Obama in for testimony under oath, to which Lindsey replied, “Absolutely.”

According to Trump’s lapdog, he also has plans to call in FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, former FBI Director James Comey, former CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper for their testimonies regarding the matter, as well.

“And yes, I’d like to know what President Obama thought about the investigation,” the senator concluded.

Whatever it is that Donald has on this guy, it better be good. Because he’s just making a complete and total ass out of himself with every passing day.

You can read the full report from MSN here.

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