Ted Cruz Showed Up On Capitol Hill To Vote In Gym Clothes Because He Was Reportedly In The Middle Of Playing Basketball


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Frankly, I’ve always been of the opinion that Texas Senator Ted Cruz is the biggest flaming idiot that this country has ever had the displeasure of experiencing in Congress. However, on the off chance that you didn’t agree with me before now, allow me to present to you… Exhibit A.

Yesterday, Cancun’s finest was spotted running through the halls of the U.S. Capitol wearing, of all things, sneakers and sloppy gym clothes in a sea of his fellow Congressional members wearing suits, ties, and dresses like respectable individuals.

Images shared on social media show the Texas senator weaving through other Congresspeople in their work clothes while he sported Nike tennis shoes and gym shorts:

At one point, Cruz was actually, legitimately running through the halls, according to tweets:

Apparently, Ted was running late to a vote in the Senate chambers and ended up telling reporters that Congress officials scheduled a vote “in the middle” of his basketball game, per CNN’s Ali Zaslav who covers Congress.

According to Congressional records, a session was scheduled for 10:30 A.M. to confirm Todd Sunhwae Kim as an assistant attorney general. Cruz voted against the nomination but never explained why.

In addition to Cruz’s sloppy outfit, people were quick to notice that the Senator’s shoes featured the signature Nike swoosh, a company that the Texas Republican vowed to never support again back in 2019 after the shoe company canceled the release of a shoe featuring a Revolutionary War-era flag design.

Cruz isn’t the first Congressperson to be spotted in gym clothes as the Capitol building features an on-site gym. But man, he’s definitely the one we really didn’t want to see in them.

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