Conservative Pundit Trashes Simone Biles, Calls Her A “Selfish Sociopath” After She Withdrew From Olympics Due To Mental Health Concerns

This is just sickening.

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In case Conservatives weren’t already bad enough as it is, two Right-wing talking heads have found themselves under fire after they launched a nasty attack against world-renowned gymnast Simone Biles for pulling out of the Olympics due to concerns over her mental health.

None other than Conservative pundit Charlie Kirk blasted Simone, a four-time Olympic gold medalist, as “a selfish sociopath” and a “shame to the country” after she withdrew from the women’s all-around team final at the Tokyo Olympics citing a severe struggle with her mental health.

Biles spoke with her coach and said that she was afraid she would end up injuring herself in the event because she was not in the right “headspace” and she didn’t want to jeopardize her team’s chances at winning.


“I’m still struggling with some things,” Simone said of her decision. “It just sucks when you are fighting with your own head.”

“This Olympic Games, I wanted it to be for myself. I came in and felt like I was still doing it for other people. That just hurts my heart that doing what I love has been kind of taken away from me to please other people,” the gold-medalist went on to tell reporters.

In the wake of her decision, Simone was met with an outpouring of love, compassion, and understanding from a multitude of notable figures such as former FLOTUS Michelle Obama and CEO of the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee Sarah Hirshland.

However, Charlie Kirk wasn’t so kind.

“We are raising a generation of weak people like Simone Biles,” Kirk slammed the 24-year-old gymnast to his listeners. “If she’s got all these mental health problems: don’t show up.”

“She’s an incredible athlete, of course, she’s an incredible athlete, I’m not saying that — she’s probably the greatest gymnast of all time. She’s also very selfish, she’s immature and she’s a shame to the country,” he continued to trash.

Kirk wasn’t the only one to trash-talk Biles either. None other than Piers Morgan just had to throw his two cents in as well, publicly suggesting that Simone dropped out due to “poor performance.”

“Are ‘mental health issues’ now the go-to excuse for any poor performance in elite sport? What a joke,” Morgan said in a tweet. “Just admit you did badly, made mistakes, and will strive to do better next time. Kids need strong role models not this nonsense.”

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This just goes to show that there truly is no low these deplorable human beings won’t sink to. There’s no denying — Hillary Clinton called it, spot on.

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