The Beverly Hills Salon Owner Whose Life Went To Shambles Over Her Involvement In The Capitol Riot Is Now Reportedly Cooperating With The Feds

Well, this took an interesting turn.

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Gina Bisignano, a Beverly Hills Salon owner, once lived a good life, at least financially. As Bisignano’s politics became more extreme, she found herself embedded in a cult whose leader has the emotional maturity of a tater tot; its followers have the intelligence of a frozen grocery store chicken. Bisignano was caught on tape throwing homophobic slurs before she stormed the Capitol on January 6 after being incapable of handling the twice-impeached assclown’s defeat to Joe Biden. Since then, things have gone steadily downhill for the insurrectionist. We reported on her recently, and she’s lost everything over her devotion to former President Donald Trump.

Law & Crime reports that Bisignano, who once yelled, “We the people are not going to take it anymore. You are not going to take away our Trumpy Bear,” is now cooperating with the feds. According to a plea deal filed in August and unsealed last week, Bisignano has pleaded guilty to six of the seven charges against her. According to the outlet, Bisignano has admitted to charges of obstruction of official proceedings, civil disorder, disorderly conduct, entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds, and physical violence in a restricted building or grounds.

Under the plea agreement, she “shall cooperate fully, truthfully, completely and forthrightly” with federal, state, and local investigations into January 6. This may include answering questions, providing sworn written statements, taking polygraph tests, and “participating in covert law enforcement activities.”

‘Bisignano also agreed to turn over any evidence of “any and all evidence of crimes” of which she is aware, along with any “contraband and proceeds of such crimes,” ‘the report continues. “She also agreed to be interviewed by law enforcement agents without an attorney present, although if she asks for a lawyer she can have one and will provide grand jury testimony if the government asks for it.”

Bisignano was in the thick of it on January 6, “hit with a direct shot of chemical irritants deployed by the retreating officers.” However, she didn’t give up. “As the mob swelled inside the tunnel, and officers were being assaulted, Bisignano climbed on a ledge inside the tunnel and waved other rioters into the tunnel to assist in the effort to break into the U.S. Capitol building,” the government document states.

“This is 1776! And we the people will never give up,” she shouted into the bullhorn during the Capitol siege. And now, the woman who was so judgy about gay people two years ago is being judged after acting like a truly awful person one year ago. Funny how that works.

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