The “Cowboys For Trump” Founder Finally Realized Ex-President’s True Colors, Turned Against Him In Public Speech

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Cowboys for Trump founder Couy Griffin, who has said that he believes the former president is anointed by God, has turned on the twice-impeached one-term president. In a QAnon conference speech, Griffin, who is facing misdemeanor charges in connection with the U.S. Capitol riot, said that the former president abandoned January 6 attackers and failed to deliver on a campaign promise, according to Newsweek. It appears that Griffin really, really wanted Hillary Clinton locked up. Instead, the lock her up crowd has been getting locked up, and Griffin isn’t happy about that.

“We supported President Trump because of his fight for justice as well,” Griffin said in Las Vegas, Nevada. “And for four years, we cried, ‘Lock her up. Lock her up. Lock her up.’ We know she’s a criminal. What did the president tell us? ‘If I was in charge of the law, you’d be in jail.”

“Mr. President, you’ve been in charge of the law for four years,” he added. “At the end of your four-year time, the only ones locked up were men like me, and others like me, that have stood by the president the strongest.”


Former President Donald Trump assured supporters at the “Save America” rally on January 6 that he would join them on a march to the Capitol, and of course, he did not join them. Since the deadly insurrection, the government has brought criminal charges against more than 700 Trump supporters that stormed the Capitol to stop the counting of electoral votes.

More than 120 pro-Trump Capitol rioters have been accused of assaulting police. Many allegedly used weapons such as pepper spray, stun guns, bats, and American flags wielded as clubs, NPR reported. Capitol rioter Ashli Babbitt was shot dead by a police officer while trying to break into the building. Since then, Trump supporters, and the former president, have been attempting to make a martyr out of Babbitt.

However, Donald J. Trump is responsible for her death. He summoned his supporters to the building. Hillary Clinton is not locked up. The wall along the Southern border didn’t get built, and Mexico didn’t pay for it. There was no health care plan announced in “two weeks.” All that Trump claimed to be was a lie. It was a grift — and he wants back into the White House.

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