The Feds Are Reportedly Scrutinizing Suspicious Payments Made By Trump’s PAC: “You Have To Wonder Whether It’s Part Of An Effort To Keep People Quiet About What They Saw In The Trump Administration”

It just keeps getting worse and worse for Trump.

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As if former President Trump wasn’t in enough hot water as it is, the Daily Beast reports that US federal authorities have set their sights on a series of highly suspicious payments to vendors and entities by Donald Trump’s “Save America” political action committee (PAC) out of funds that were raised by donors on his lies and mistruths about widespread voter fraud that he claims cost him the 2020 election to Joe Biden.

The scandal-ridden former president created his “Save America” PAC in the direct aftermath of his brutal 2020 loss and dubbed the entity a “leadership PAC.” This allowed the corrupt former guy almost unfettered access to any money raised by the PAC even after he left the office of the presidency.

Almost since its inception, “Save America” has been under the microscope by investigators, including the now-disbanded January 6th House Select Committee, which looked into the PAC for possible wire fraud related to Trump’s attempts to overthrow the election. In their report, the Beast notes that the J6 House Committee’s bombshell final report included a “Follow the Money” appendix, which brought quite a lot of attention to some of the relationships between the “Save America” PAC and a few vendors that, upon further scrutiny, were highly suspicious and questionable.

The Daily Beast reports:

A number of former Trump officials appear to have been on the Save America payroll, taking money through shell LLCs. Smith’s investigation, according to reports, appears concerned with whether those payments were legitimate.

For instance, the report noted that from July 2021 to the present, Save America appears to have paid longtime Trump adviser and former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Dan Scavino in two ways simultaneously—personally and through an LLC. Scavino, FEC records show, makes about $9,700 a month on the Save America payroll. At the same time, Save America was also making monthly payments of $20,000 to an entity called Hudson Digital LLC, which FEC filings peg to Scavino’s address.”

To make matters even more interesting, Robert Maguire of the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington spoke with the publication and pointed out that if you really look at the pattern of these transactions, “you have to wonder whether it’s part of an effort to keep people quiet about what they saw in the Trump administration.”

“If they only paid them directly, you’d see a list of all these people who left the administration suddenly getting these massive monthly paychecks, some of them more than others. But by paying them through these companies, it gives the outward impression that these companies must be doing something,” Maguire said.

It’s all crashing down around Donald Trump.

Read the full report from the Daily Beast here.

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