The Internet Erupted After Trump Went On Fox News, Declared: “This Was All Obama. This Was All Biden. We Caught Them”

America's crazy grandpa is losing it.

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Donald Trump is the kind of guy that when he’s caught doing some seriously awful shit, he flings poo at who he perceives to be his opponents to see if it will stick, and if it doesn’t, he just keeps screaming into the sky to appease his lint-licking base. And usually, when Trump is flinging poo, it’s at former President Barack Obama. In this case, Trump did an interview on Fox News to promote his baseless “unmasking” conspiracy theory that just doesn’t hold water.

For one, Trump and his colleagues don’t seem to understand what unmasking is — or the legalities of it — and my colleague has an excellent explainer here, as he wrote about a certain Kentucky Senator who, in an unrelated aside, appears to be morphing into a werewolf.

At any rate, Trump went on Fox News to smear Obama, and of course, Democratic nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden, and it would be funny, but watching someone mentally decline is rather disturbing.

“This was all Obama. This was all Biden,” Trump insisted. “These people were corrupt. The whole thing was corrupt and we caught them. We caught them.”

Twitter users had a thing to say about that.

Reminder: Trump fired former Lieutenant General Michael Flynn — his national security adviser who pled guilty twice — for lying to Vice President Mike Pence. That wasn’t Obama or Biden, that was Trump. And Trump shouldn’t have hired him to begin with. In the end, the only thing Trump “caught” Obama and Biden doing was something that is perfectly legal.

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