Trump Claimed He Was Staying In DC This Weekend To Ensure That “Law And Order” Was Enforced, But He Reportedly Just Went To His Virginia Golf Course Instead

If lying was painful, the president would be in the emergency room.

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Donald Trump took to Twitter on Friday to say that he canceled his planned trip to his golf club in New Jersey over the weekend to maintain “LAW & ORDER” in the nation’s capital so that he can “keep our communities safe.” Well, it’s Saturday, and the president has just arrived at his golf course, where he will likely maintain justice — if he can keep from cheating — while hitting the links. That’s some real social distancing the president is practicing.

Associated Press reporter Zeke Miller shared Trump’s tweet from Friday with the news that the president is at his private golf course.

Trump switched states and went to Virginia instead of New Jersey — but it’s still another lie to add to his mountain of mistruths since the president claimed he was staying in Washington, DC.

Twitter users weighed in.

There have been more than two and a half million coronavirus cases in the U.S., and upwards of one hundred and twenty-seven thousand Americans have died from the disease this president failed to respond to when he first learned of the looming threat. There is another national crisis that Trump has failed to address adequately: Racial unrest following George Floyd’s murder at the hands of police officers. Instead, Trump has increasingly amped up violent rhetoric and is more protective of confederate monuments than he is off the people he is supposed to represent.

And Trump appears to have surrendered to COVID-19 while leaving the U.S. without a leader as the pandemic rages on. But, sure, get that golf game going, buddy.

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