The Irony Is On Point As Trump’s Scottish Golf Courses Take Brutal Multi-Million Dollar Hit, Thanks In Large Part To A Policy He Personally Supported

Well, well, well... Isn't that ironic?

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There’s really nothing that kicks my morning off much better than seeing scandal-ridden former guy Donald Trump getting smacked upside the head with a heaping helping full of delicious, and frankly hilarious irony.

According to bombshell new reporting, Donald Trump’s Scottish golf courses are currently taking a brutal, multi-million dollar loss. Just that news in and of itself is enough to put someone in a pretty good mood for the morning. But the massive hit to Trump’s properties over the pond is made that much better by the fact that the massive loss is, in fact, due in large part to Brexit — a severance between the United Kingdom from the European Union that Trump happily supported as a move that he dubbed being great for business.

Fortune’s Alice Hearing reports, “Trump’s Turnberry resort in Ayrshire, Scotland, recorded £3.7 million ($4.5 million) in pre-tax losses for 2021, while Trump International Golf Club Limited, parent of another course in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, reported another £697,000 ($853,000) in pre-tax losses.”

“The figures were revealed Thursday in delayed filings, and according to SLC Turnberry, whose directors are listed as Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr., the U.K.’s departure from the European Union is to blame.”

Trump infamously and very publicly backed the controversial Brexit severance and even went so far as to offer a less-than-humble prediction that “when the pound goes down, more people are coming to Turnberry, frankly.”

But wouldn’t you know, it didn’t quite shake out the way he had planned for his properties.

“But Brexit has impacted the resort’s pool of staff, with lack of access to European staff for businesses, in general, resulting in greater demand for the individuals previously available to the resort,'” Hearing’s report reads. “Supply chains were also affected by Brexit and fewer drivers were available, the document states, ‘reducing deliveries and the availability of certain product lines. Prices have increased from additional freight and import duty charges.'”

BBC reported this week that the International Monetary Fund has issued a damning prediction that the UK is expected to be the only major world economy likely to shrink in the year 2023. In fact, even Russia, which has been crippled with sanctions over its violent and ongoing invasion of Ukraine, is apparently projected to see at least some small possible economic growth. A separate prediction from OECD projects some shrinkage in Russia this year, but still shows the UK coming in as second-worst behind Russia on the global economic field.

Add all of that to the fact that recent polling has shown a severe retroactive decrease in support for Brexit, with one YouGov poll finding that British voters now believe that leaving the E.U. was a grave mistake by a 56 to 32 margin.

My money says Trump is regretting that move right about now.

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