The Trump Admin Reportedly Ignored Parts Of The CDC’s Reopen Plan That Were Designed To Prevent A Second Wave Of Coronavirus

He seriously doesn't care how many people die.

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As Donald Trump continues to push his premature reopening plan in an attempt to try to salvage what little is left of his economy and reelection chances, a CDC report obtained and published by the Associated Press seems to reveal that Trump and his administration blatantly ignored several recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control that were designed to prevent a second deadly wave of the coronavirus.

Yesterday, AP published the full 63-page report from the CDC that contained detailed reopening guidelines that were meant to lift the lockdown on the United States while ensuring that a massive second wave of infections and deaths was avoided — complete with a detailed roadmap to reopening businesses, schools, and various other institutions.

However, it became immediately clear upon reading the CDC document that Trump and his administration skirted several of the details outlined in the report that were meant to prevent a second wave of infection to instead speed up the reopening process. Ultimately, the guidelines released by Trump’s White House were far less detailed that the plan mapped out by the CDC.

Just earlier this week, the AP reported that the Trump administration had shelved a 17-page document containing guidance on safely reopening the American economy. However, the full document offers far more insight into what exactly the Trump White House ignored.

The White House guidelines released on April 17th ultimately left much of the decision-making process up to local governments — some of whom have seriously rushed the process and open far more prematurely than they should have. The CDC’s plan would have given local leaders a far more detailed plan, complete with instructions, that were open to adaptations as needed.

In addition to more stringent, detailed guidelines on local levels, the CDC’s plan also contained stricter guidelines on nonessential travel.

It’s no surprise that experts are criticizing Trump for skirting the CDC’s plan in favor of his own, more self-serving one.

A Columbia University expert on the spread of diseases, Stephen Morse, told the AP, “Many different places are considering how to safely develop return-to-work procedures. Having more guidance on that earlier on might have been more reassuring to people. And it might have prevented some cases.”

The report went public on the heels of Trump’s push for mass reopenings and a widespread lockdown lift. However, Dr. Anothy Fauci continues to warn states of the dangers of a lockdown lift before having a solid plan in place to deal with the impending, guaranteed surge in cases.

You can read the full report here.

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