Things Got Even Worse For Trump As InforWars’ Alex Jones Turned On Him In The Worst Kind Of Way: “Maybe Trump’s Actually A Dumba**”

Trump is going to be livid.

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If you caught Donald Trump’s recent MAGA rally, then it’s likely you caught the moment where his own people began to boo him at his own rally after he dared to plug the vaccine against the COVID-19 virus.

Despite trying to mix in some nonsense about their “freedoms” Trump’s own base wasted no time in turning on him the moment he suggested that they partake in the vaccine that he’s quite literally taking credit for.

Apparently, the mere concept of that mean ole vaccine, and more specifically the idea of their Dear Leader supporting it, has really struck a nerve among the Trump-loving Right. Not only did his own crowd hammer him with boos, tons of Conservatives have been railing against him all over social media in the days since, and even devout MAGA-head Alex Jones weighed in on the subject, and it did not go in Donald’s favor.

Right-wing radio host Alex Jones has long been a loyal and devout supporter of the now-ex-president. But it seems even InfoWars’ finest apparently has a limit — ultimately labeling the former guy a “dumbass” who’s “not very bright” for daring to support the life-saving shot.

“BS. Trump: That’s a lie, you’re not stupid. Just two weeks ago they said it was 65 percent, then 40 percent, saw a number put out about Pfizer shots, 30-something percent,” Jones raged at his InfoWars audience today. “Because they just want to tell you it doesn’t work so you run and get the new damn shot. And then they’ll tell you in six months that one doesn’t work. It’s called rope-a-dope.”

“Shame on you, Trump. Seriously,” the radio host went on to add.

But, as is typical with a mad right-winger, Jones wasn’t finished there.

“Hey, if you don’t have the good sense to save yourself and your political career, that’s okay,” he went on to gripe. “At least you’re going to get some good Republicans elected, and we like you. But, my God, maybe you’re not that bright. Maybe Trump’s actually a dumbass.”

For the record here, the United States has suffered through more than 37.8 million cases of coronavirus thus far throughout this pandemic with over 628,000 deaths. Multiple medical experts have spoken out multiple times, warning that the overwhelming majority of COVID hospitalizations and deaths these days are unvaccinated individuals.

But sure, go off, Alex.

You can watch the clip here:

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