Things Keep Getting Worse For Matt Gaetz As Report Claimed That He Used Campaign Money To Pay For His Excursions

Look who is in big boy trouble.

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Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz has a lot to worry about. For one, his close associate Joel Greenberg, a former Seminole County, Florida, tax commissioner, has struck a deal with federal prosecutors to reduce his criminal case. He plans to help investigators in their sprawling investigation that includes a sex trafficking probe. Greenberg is about to flip like a pancake on a hot griddle. And now, the Daily Beast reports that witnesses have said that Gaetz snorted cocaine and had sex with an escort who was paid with campaign money.

Greenberg, according to the outlet, will identify the escort who led a cocaine-fueled party that Gaetz attended to investigators as one of more than 15 young women the Florida Congressman paid for sex. Gaetz has repeatedly denied paying for sex; however, to my knowledge, the MAGA Rep. has never addressed the accusations of illegal drug use.

“But what distinguishes this woman, Megan Zalonka, is that she turned her relationship with Greenberg into a taxpayer-funded no-show job that earned her an estimated $7,000 to $17,500, according to three sources and corresponding government records obtained by The Daily Beast,” the outlet reports.

There were at least two witnesses.

“On Oct. 26, 2019, Gaetz attended the “Trump Defender Gala” fundraiser as the featured speaker at the Westgate Lake Resort in Orlando,”  the report continues. “Two witnesses present recalled friends reconvening at Gaetz’s hotel room for an after-party, where Zalonka prepared lines of cocaine on the bathroom counter. One of those witnesses distinctly remembers Zalonka pulling the drugs out of her makeup bag, rolling a bill of cash, and joining Gaetz in snorting the cocaine.”

“While The Daily Beast could not confirm that Gaetz and Zalonka had sex that night, two sources said the pair had an ongoing financial relationship in exchange for sex. “She was just one of the many pieces of arm candy he had,” said one source familiar with the encounters between Gaetz and Zalonka.

The outlet notes that Gaetz has claimed that he “never paid for sex,” but he “wrote off the stay at the hotel as a campaign expense, with his donors picking up the tab.”

What’s also remarkable in all of this is that any woman would have sex with Gaetz even if he were paying them. And I’m pretty sure this is a massive campaign violation. Gaetz is in a fuckton of trouble right now. During Trump’s impeachment hearing, Gaetz ironically brought up Hunter Biden’s past drug use. As for Greenberg, he pled guilty to six felony counts, including sex trafficking, wire fraud, identity theft, stalking, and conspiracy.

You can read the full report here.

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