TIME Magazine Revealed Donald Trump Gave GOP’s Matt Gaetz His Autograph On A Copy Of An Article About The Lawmaker’s Child Sex-Trafficking Investigation And Gaetz Keeps It In A Glass Case On His Desk

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In case you weren’t already wholly disgusted with Florida Republican House Rep. Matt Gaetz (though, honestly, how could you not be?) a new article out this week is pretty much guaranteed to do you in — after it revealed that the GOP lawmaker possesses an autograph from former President Donald Trump that he apparently holds quite dear.

Of course, that mere fact alone isn’t all that mind-boggling for this bizarre bunch of human beings. However, things get really demented and unsettling once you learn that the one-term, twice-impeached former guy’s trademarked Sharpie John Hancock is scrawled across a copy of an article on the topic of the investigation against Matt Gaetz regarding his alleged sex-trafficking of a minor.

“Matt, This is Great,” Trump’s message to the MAGA-loving Republican legislator read, scrawled across the disturbing article describing Gaetz’s fight against the probe. “Keep fighting — You will WIN!”

The unsettling revelation came as part of a joint profile conducted by TIME Magazine on Matt Gaetz and his fellow controversial GOP lawmaker, Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Greene — in which the publication picks apart the pair’s horrifying politics, near-constant controversy, and the overall influence and sway they hold over the Republican party as the so-called leaders of the “MAGA squad.”

TIME’s Molly Ball describes in her article watching Greene and Gaetz set up for an episode of Matt’s podcast in his office. Included in her description of the setup, Ball featured a photo that was taken by TIME photographer Shuran Huang of the aforementioned sex-trafficking investigation news article that was signed by Donald Trump, complete with a personal message, and displayed proudly on Gaetz’s desk in a glass case.

Trump actually went so far as to draw an arrow to specifically draw attention to the section of the Washington Examiner article in which Gaetz brags about standing up to “big government, big Tech, big business, [and] big media.” However, that certainly wasn’t the focus of the article that Trump scribbled all over, which primarily focused on Gaetz’s response to the bombshell investigation into allegations that he engaged in numerous sex crimes, including soliciting sex from a minor and being involved in a sex trafficking scheme with a 17-year-old girl.

This very investigation remains open and active against the MAGA-loving congressman, as Matt’s former wingman Joel Greenberg recently got his sentencing delayed in connection to the very same sex scandal, in exchange for his cooperation in the investigation into the lawmaker.

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