Trump Accuser E. Jean Carroll Had A Message For Us That The Ex-President Might Want To Skip

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As we were gearing up for the next leg of Donald Trump’s ridiculous “revenge tour” of MAGA rallies, right as we came into the Fourth of July, one of his accusers had a fiery message for the American people through the holiday weekend that I’m willing to bet the ex-president isn’t going to want to see.

American journalist, author, and advice columnist E. Jean Carroll made a bombshell, yet unsurprising allegation against then President Trump in her 2019 book, What Do We Need Men For?: A Modest Proposal, ultimately accusing the now ex-president of raping her in a department store dressing room. Since the original accusation, Carroll has refused to back down against the reality TV washup turned president, despite Trump’s vehement denial of her accusations. Not only has the American advice columnist marched forward with lawsuits against Trump with her head held high, making it clear that she will not allow him to settle this as he’s become accustomed to, she’s done her fair share of publicly prodding and humiliating Trump at every given opportunity.

Recently, Carroll marked the holiday weekend and gave a nod to the remainder of the year when she posted a tweet linking to a clever little holiday weekend drink recipe of her own making.

“The Adios Asshole is a Champagne and Absinthe drink which will get us through the 4th of July and—if we don’t blow ourselves up—most of 2021. All we have to do is drink 5 of these any time we need the strength to go on,” Carroll captioned the link on Twitter.

When you click through on the link, you’ll find a cocktail recipe in which each ingredient correlates to one of Trump’s heinous jockeys, such as one jigger of Absinthe for “the Lying Man who lied about winning the election” (i.e. Donald Trump) and the worm from a bottle of Tequila for Kevin McCarthy.

All in all, it’s just a hilarious little cheer-me-up in the midst of what is still quite a mess with the ex-president. But beneath that, it’s yet another message from E. Jean Carroll, straight to Donald Trump, that she’s not going anywhere.

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