Trump Allegedly Called Joe Biden “A Mental R*tard” During An Oval Office Meeting When He Was Falling Behind In Early 2020 Polls

Oh. My. God.

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Before we dive into this, allow me to note here that there is absolutely no low that Donald J. Trump will not sink to. There is no slur that’s too heinous for him. There is nothing that he considers “off-limits.”

Wall Street Journal White House reporter Michael Bender has penned a new book, titled Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost, a clear reference to the false statement Donald Trump said on Election night 2020, just a day or so before he lost the election. The book is set to hit the shelves in August. However, a new report from Vanity Fair takes a dive into some of Bender’s new reporting and it’s guaranteed to make you sick.

Like the part where the then-President of the United States questioned during an Oval Office meeting: “How am I losing in the polls to a mental retard?” — referencing now President Joe Biden.

According to the report, Trump also believed Dock Morris, who was telling him that Biden would eventually be replaced with a different candidate, such as his 2016 opponent Hillary Clinton or former FLOTUS Michelle Obama.

“The president, meanwhile, had often complained that his early attack on [Elizabeth] Warren had damaged her presidential bid, which he regretted because he viewed her as an easier opponent than Biden,” Bender wrote. “Now he worried that a heavy blitz of attack ads would hasten the secret plot being hatched by Democrats, and his mind raced with who they might select in Biden’s place.”

Evidently, this theory reached a fever pitch so high that Donald’s campaign pollster Tony Fabrizio actually pushed back on the idea in a memo, part of which Bender publicized on Twitter today:

Of course, despite polls and bogus audits, lawsuits and failed insurrections to stop a Congressional certification Trump still to this day continues to peddle the Big Lie about the 2020 election.

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