Trump Allegedly Refused To Remove Top-Secret Details From A Photo He Wanted To Tweet While President Because Classification Was The “Sexy Part” And He Liked The Way It Looked

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It’s certainly no secret at this point that Donald J. Trump has a nasty habit of handling top-secret, highly-classified government documents and materials in a way that’s pretty much the exact opposite of what he’s supposed to do. The bombshell raid against his Mar-a-Lago golf resort turned post-White House home early last month was all the proof we really needed of that.

But, New York Times correspondent and so-called “Trump Whisperer” Maggie Haberman has been preparing for the release of her book, Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America, and as she geared up, multiple publications have been exposing bombshell revelations contained in early excerpts of the book.

As you’d expect, the spilled tea has been hot and plentiful over the past couple of weeks. But a recent report from the Washington Post on Maggie’s opus has highlighted the fact that Donald Trump’s blatant disregard for laws and regulations and egregious mishandling of some of this nation’s most protected documents and materials wasn’t a habit that only kicked in during his waning days in office. According to reporting on excerpts from Confidence Man, Donald Trump boasted a staggering indifference to classification regulations even smack dab in the middle of his presidential term.

In her book, Haberman reveals (or rather confirms) that Donald Trump had a long-standing, nasty habit of laughing off his aides and advisors during his presidency whenever they would question his mishandling of classified information. As an example, the New York Times reporter highlights the time Trump proposed working in collaboration with the Russians on the issue of internet hacking concerns.

Josh Dawsey with the Washington Post reports on Haberman’s disturbing revelation, “The book shows Trump frequently praising Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin, for his strength and even ‘laughing’ when aides grew mad that he tweeted a proposal for a joint cyber unit with Russia that would have ‘effectively let the Russians into the U.S. investigations of hacking'”

But it got worse still, believe it or not. According to Haberman, national security officials were left absolutely appalled when Trump wanted to tweet out a photo of a facility of interest in Iran, all because he got his rocks off on the details contained in the image. Maggie writes that Trump blew off concerns from the intelligence community when they tried to tell him that by publicly tweeting out the image for the entire world to see, he would be exposing a dangerous level of classified intel.

Dawsey writes, “Trump shows his lack of care about classified markings. Aides tried to stop Trump from tweeting a photo of an Iranian facility until they could remove classified details, Haberman writes. But he liked how the image looked and proceeded, he quotes Haberman reporting Trump stated, ‘If you take out the classification, that’s the sexy part.'”

Read the disturbing full report from the Washington Post here.

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