Trump And Graham Hosted GOP Fundraiser At Mar-A-Lago, Used A Logo Of Abraham Lincoln That Will Make You Sick

This is absolutely revolting!

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Donald Trump and several of his associates retreated to Mar-a-Lago yesterday afternoon for the annual fundraiser for the Palm Beach GOP as the Mueller report was about to drop. Originally, the fundraiser was set to take place at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, without Trump’s attendance. However, at the last moment (and in the wake of the impending release of the results of the Mueller probe), Trump and his wife Melania decided to clear their schedules and head down south.

The event, hosted by Lindsey Graham, was the first event of its kind to be closed to the public since 2013 — after all press personnel was escorted off the property and not invited back after news of the report’s release dropped. However, just because the event wasn’t open to the press or public, doesn’t mean we didn’t get a few inside glimpses — and things were just as gross as we expected.

Early this morning, Scott Dworkin tweeted a photo of a dessert plate that was featured at the GOP fundraiser last night. In the photo, you can see what looks to be a pretty fancy dessert, propping up a photo of Abraham Lincoln wearing a MAGA hat. According to Dworkin, this sick rendition of our nation’s 16th president — the very same one that started the gears turning to abolish slavery, no less — donning Trump’s very own symbol of racism, was the logo for the GOP event.

Dworkin, along with most of the rest of the country, was absolutely sickened, tweeting, “These people are sick and twisted. Absolutely disgusting.” The photo suggests that the repulsive logo was the running theme of the whole shindig, showing an autographed program above the plate featuring the same photo.

This is just another example of out half-witted POTUS manipulating a dead man that can’t even launch his own defense. I’d venture to say that Abraham Lincoln is turning over in his grave right about now at the mere thought of being used to perpetuate the age of Trump’s hate.

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