Trump Appeared Annoyed When A Fox News Host Asked Why He Was Weighing In On Issues As An “Ex-President”: “You Called Me, I Didn’t Call You”

He didn't care for that much at all!

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Donald Trump is not president anymore. Whether he likes it or not, whether his kids, family, or friends like it or not. He got it a shot at a second term, he lost his ass, there was no fraud, Joe Biden is the President of the United States now. It is literally as simple as that.

But, we all know good and well how Donald Trump is. He doesn’t like to admit or accept that he really and truly did lose his bid at a second term in the White House, much less be reminded of it. But at the end of the day, his likes and dislikes don’t really mean a thing. It is what it is, as the old saying goes, and there’s nothing he can do about it.

Hell, even Fox News seems to know that.

Recently, Trump had a live interview with Fox News host Harris Faulkner and it went about as well as you’d expect.

The host herself made a fool out of everything when she wrongfully announced the resignation of a Biden administration official only to have to immediately turn tail and correct herself. Then things seemed to deteriorate even further when she referred to Donald Trump as exactly what he is — an ex-president.

As their interview was wrapping up, Faulkner asked Trump, “Most presidents, ex-presidents like yourself do not weigh in at this level. Why did you feel like you needed to on this issue?”

Trump unsurprisingly didn’t seem fond of this question at all, firing back at the host, “Well, you called me, I didn’t call you, in all fairness.

Faulkner pressed, though, saying, “You wrote the statement last night. It was pretty strong.”

“I put out a statement,” the ex-president concurred. “The reason I weigh in is very simple. They’re destroying our country. Very simple. It can’t get simpler than that.”

You can watch the exchange here:

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