Trump Appeared To Admit That He Appointed Judges For The Purpose Of Getting Special Treatment, Melted Down As He Realized They Won’t Show Him “Favor”: “As Soon As They Get Appointed, They Go ROGUE!”

He's not even trying to hide it anymore.

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Trump has been engaged in a pretty serious, public mental breakdown here lately, that has seemed to crescendo in the corrupt, scandal-ridden ex-president quite literally telling on himself, in a multitude of ways.

Just earlier the same day, we reported on one leg of Donald Trump’s seemingly neverending unhinged Truth Social meltdown, in which the former US president appeared to openly confess to the Mar-a-Lago document scandal — in which Trump stands credibly accused of and under investigation for stealing hundreds of boxes, full of thousands of highly-classified documents and materials, from the White House upon the end of his term, relocating them to his Palm Beach compound, and proceeding to lie to the National Archives and Records Administration on multiple occasions about his possession of said materials, leaving the DOJ with no choice but to issue an FBI search and seizure warrant that was executed against his estate earlier this year.

Just hours later, it seemed the scandal-ridden, one-term, twice-impeached former guy took to his struggling social media platform with yet another thinly-veiled, inadvertent confession.

Trump hasn’t secured many wins in court over the last few weeks, and his frustration with that fact is becoming increasingly apparent, as he took to Truth Social with an unhinged tantrum regarding the judges he personally appointed to their positions — appearing to inadvertently admit that he appointed these people to judgeships with the specific intent of securing special treatment for himself.

Now that that’s not shaking out according to plan, Trump is apparently furious that his judges have gone “ROGUE!”

“Many Republican Judges go out of their way to show they are beyond reproach, & will come down hard on people before them in order to prove they cannot be “bought” or in any way show favor to those who appointed them. People, including me, are oftentimes shocked by the lack of courage and wisdom shown,” Trump fumed in the rather telling Truth Social post. “As soon as they get appointed, they go ‘ROGUE!’ Democrat Judges are the exact opposite in attitude – Screw you, this guy appointed me, I’m a Democrat all they way, you don’t have a chance. So SAD!”

The former president didn’t get specific as to which individual judge or judges he was railing against in this very public attack of his. But, frankly, it could be any of them at this point.

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