Trump Appears To Have Involuntary Arm Movements During Speech At White House Event, Leading People To Speculate Even More About His Health

What in the world?!

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It’s safe to say that Donald Trump’s White House event in the Rose Garden today was a complete and utter disaster in pretty much every conceivable way.

Literally, the guy pretty much removed all doubt surrounding his blind allegiance to the predominantly white police forces across this nation and even went so far as to go off on some manic rant about an AIDS vaccine that doesn’t exist anywhere. Ever. In the history of ever.

But hidden underneath the ridiculousness of Trump’s remarks this afternoon was yet another heaping helping of indicators that something is seriously wrong with this guy — above and beyond the fact that he’s a narcissistic douche.

Recently, reports have been indicating that Donald’s none too happy with the incessant coverage of speculation surrounding the state of his health and well-being.

But I gotta tell him… As long as things like this keep happening, people are never going to stop speculating.

During the trainwreck that was his Rose Garden event this afternoon, Trump quite literally didn’t seem to be in complete control of his own movements at various points throughout his speech.

Most noticeable was a pretty prominent jerking movement in his right arm that he didn’t appear to be controlling or doing on purpose.

Check it out:

The movements coming from his arm are so jerky and random, it seems almost impossible for them to be intentional. But to make matters all the worse for Trump, his “symptoms” didn’t stop at a rogue arm.

During the speech, as with many to come before this one, Trump also had notable difficulties keeping his speech straight, at one point even stumbling and stuttering over the word “delivered”:

And folks… I’m still not done here.

White House reporter Andrew Feinberg spoke with several doctors regarding Trump’s recent battle with a “slippery” ramp and their opinions don’t bode well for Donald’s health either.

“One board-certified neurologist says the president’s odd gait is… Something that happens with people who have some sort of degenerative brain problem, usually in the frontal lobes,” Feinberg’s piece with The Independent reads.

Frankly, there’s virtually no denying at this point that something is terribly wrong with the man who’s currently inhabiting the People’s House. And whether Trump likes it or not… Everyone is catching on.

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