Trump Appears To Throw A Fit While Watching Stone Hearing On CNN

Trump seems to be stuck in angry child mode.

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President Donald Trump is watching CNN coverage of his associate Roger Stone’s sentencing hearing, and we know that because he threw a tantrum about it.

Stone’s sentencing hearing moved forward as planned when Judge Amy Berman Jackson refused to postpone it after Stone and his attorneys desperately demanded a new trial.

Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr interfered with the case last week by changing the sentencing recommendation from up to nine years in prison to just up to four years, meddling that has drawn mass outrage as legal experts warn that the independence of the Justice Department is under siege.

CNN covered Stone’s sentencing on Thursday, and despite his frequent claims that CNN is “fake news,” Trump watched the coverage and whined about it on Twitter.

Stone not only lied to Congress and the FBI, but he also committed obstruction and witness tampering. The jury unanimously found him guilty on all seven counts.

As for the rest of Trump’s tirade, former FBI Director James Comey did NOT lie or leak classified documents as he claims. Not only is there no evidence, but Comey has been cleared by the Justice Department and the Inspector General.

Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe was also recently cleared after the Justice Department dropped the case against him due to lack of evidence.

And Hillary Clinton has been repeatedly investigated at length by the FBI and congressional Republicans, neither of whom found any evidence of wrongdoing.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller, on the other hand, had plenty of evidence to seal Stone’s fate, and making up phony accusations against others won’t change that.

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