Trump Corrects Reporter’s Grammar On Twitter, Internet Had Some Thoughts: “Did Donald Trump Really Just Try To Insult Someone About A Typo?”

So. Much. Irony.

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President Covfefe took to Twitter on Thursday morning to take out a rusty knife and brutally stab irony to death. ”Bloombefg” is trending after conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post misspelled the New York billionaire’s name on Twitter, perhaps after a glass of Chardonnay or whatnot. Rubin, who has been critical of Trump, appeared to be defending Michael Bloomberg after Elizabeth Warren curb-stomped him on the Democratic debate stage.

Trump responded to a random Twitter user to pile in on Rubin.

Twitter users noted the irony.

Trump, by the way, has misspelled his own wife’s name.

And simple words like ‘wait.’

President Stable Genius misspelled “smoking” twice in one tweet.

The list of Trump’s typos is vast. At any rate, will someone please take that shiv out of Mike Bloomberg? He’s bleeding out. Thanks!

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