Trump-Appointed Judge On Mar-A-Lago Document Case Just Handed The Ex-President Another Win That Left Americans Sickened: “This Woman Is The Biggest Disgrace”

Trump has just been handed yet another corrupt win.

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It seems Donald Trump is getting away with it… Yet again.

According to maddening new reporting from Reuters this afternoon, Trump-appointed U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon has handed the scandal-ridden, corrupt former president yet another undeserved and immoral win in the infamous Mar-a-Lago stolen document case lodged against him by the US Department of Justice.

Recently, U.S. Senior Judge Raymond Dearie — who was appointed as the so-called Special Master on the document scandal case thanks to a previous win handed down to Trump by Cannon personally — ordered the ex-president’s legal team to inform him of whether or not they disputed the accuracy of the inventory list of the US government’s property seized from Donald Trump’s Palm Beach compound turned post-White House personal residence. This order from Dearie served as one of many indications that Donald’s hand-picked Special Master that he personally demanded and was subsequently granted by Cannon wasn’t shaping up to actually be in Trump’s pocket, as we’re all sure he had hoped.

But the ray of hope that millions of Americans had over Dearie’s recent moves was short-lived, at best, as Cannon has seemingly made it her mission to do Donald Trump’s bidding at every given opportunity, her own reputation be damned, apparently.

Today, Cannon officially ruled, “former President Donald Trump does not have to provide the court with a sworn statement attesting to whether he believes the list of items seized by the FBI from his Florida estate is accurate and complete,” per the Reuters report.

Trump has made repeated claims and suggestions that much of the materials seized from his Mar-a-Lego resort were planted there by FBI agents, and not stolen from the White House by him personally in the final waning days of his presidency. Dearie called on Trump’s legal team to commit to and show proof of those claims — something the former president’s lawyers were quick to refuse to comply on.

The Trump legal team filed a complaint with the court following Dearie’s order, claiming that the Special Master’s demand exceeded the scope of Dearie’s authority.

Cannon unsurprisingly sided with the former president, writing in her order:

There shall be no separate requirement on [Trump] at this stage, prior to the review of any of the seized materials, to lodge ex ante final objections to the accuracy of [the government’s] inventory, its descriptions, or its contents.

The court’s appointment order did not contemplate that obligation.”

To say that the American people are left furious and appalled by yet another one of Cannon’s egregious rulings would be a massive understatement:

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Enough is enough.

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