Trump Asks The Crowd At GA Rally If He Can Put On A Hat Because It’s “Windy As Hell!” As His Hair Flops Around In The Wind

I guess he didn't use enough glue.

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Trump is currently getting his ego thoroughly stroked as we speak at his Commerce, Georgia, KKK MAGA rally, as he desperately claws at his last remaining shreds of relevancy.

Tonight’s event has been absolutely chock full of all the trademarked bullshit we’ve come to know, expect, and hate from the guy — including his new claims that the Russian invasion and attack against Ukraine never would have happened if he’d won the 2020 election, plenty of nasty attacks against President Joe Biden, and tons upon tons of Big Lie bull, going so far at one point in the evening to literally declare to the crowd, “The truth is, I ran twice, I won twice, and I did much better the second time. And now, we just may have to do it again!”

But even all that uproar, with his ego on full, shining display, his pride and vanity with himself positively glowing, it seems it still couldn’t save his hair.

A good portion of the country right now is dealing with some hinky weather, including some brutally strong wings.

And those very same winds seemed to do the washed-up reality TV “star” turned disgraced, one-term, twice-impeached president pretty damn dirty tonight.

As Trump was screaming his own praises to the crowd gathered at his Georiga rally tonight, it looked as though that putrid cotton candy clinging to his scalp that he tries to pass off as actual human hair was trying everything in its power to run away from him.

In fact, his hair began to whip in the wind so badly that Trump had to pause what he was ranting about to ask the crowd if it could be alright for him to put on a hat because “It’s windy as Hell out here!”

He proceeded to wrangle up that orange rat in a red MAGA hat and got right back to whatever it was he was blowing off about. But let’s be honest, no one paid attention at that point. We’re all just wondering why no one told him to use some extra glue tonight.

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