Trump Couldn’t Hold Back His Praises For Vladimir Putin During GA Rally, Says Russian Dictator Is “Smart,” Calls Ukraine Attack “Big Mistake” But It Was A “Great Negotiation That Didn’t Work Out Too Well For Him”

This is BEYOND unacceptable.

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I am so sick and tired of people in this country making excuses for Donald Trump’s rhetoric and behavior surrounding Vladimir Putin and the devastating war against Ukraine or pretending as though the man who was literally the President of the United States just a little over a year ago is not completely, entirely, and totally enamored and obsessed with the Russian dictator who has the blood of thousands of Ukrainians on his hands as we speak.

I. Am. DONE.

The disgraced former President has spent the days and weeks leading up to, following, and in the direct middle of the violent, senseless, and devastating Russian invasion and attack against Ukraine all but publicly dropping to his knees to kiss Putin’s feet. (And that’s me using the PG-13 description of his behavior, instead of the rated R one that we all know to be true.)

The man has heaped his praises on a literal violent, unhinged dictator in ways we never thought we’d witness from a former US president in our lifetimes.

He has said things that have made even Fox News do a double-take, and desperately try to pull off some serious damage control.

But as if the “genius” and “savvy” comments weren’t bad enough as it was, Trump’s putrid praises of Vladimir Putin are still going as strong as ever, even as more and more Ukrainian lives are senselessly lost.

During tonight’s Commerce, Georgia, MAGA rally, it seemed Trump simply could not hold back his admiration for the Russian dictator as he harped on the Ukraine situation to the crowd.

Trump told his followers that he absolutely thinks Putin is “smart,” before going on to call his invasion of Ukraine a “big mistake,” only to immediately follow it up with, “but it looked like a great negotiation that didn’t work out too well for him.”

Vladimir Putin is a heinous dictator and a mass murderer. And a former United States President is calling him a “smart” guy who just made a “mistake.”


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