Trump Attacks Mattis Again, Retweets Post Claiming Mattis Is Not A Real Marine

This insult against Mattis is an insult to anyone who ever served and is currently serving in the military.

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Donald Trump stooped even lower to attack former Secretary of Defense and Marine Corps General James Mattis by retweeting a post claiming that Mattis is not a real Marine.

Trump’s feud with Mattis reignited after the retired general condemned Trump’s use of the military against peacefully protesting American citizens. Trump would respond by claiming he fired Mattis, a claim that has been fact-checked by former White House chief of staff John Kelly, who said Mattis resigned in protest of Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria and abandon our Kurdish allies in the fight against ISIS.

As usual, Trump refuses to let feuds go, so he launched an even worse attack on Mattis by retweeting something one of his most sycophantic supporters, Sebastian Gorka, said.

Gorka insulted Mattis by claiming that he’s “no Marine,” which Trump delightfully shared.

Mattis is actually a beloved Marine Corps commander who led troops during the Gulf War and the War in Afghanistan. He enlisted in the Marines in 1969 as a teenager and spent the next 44 years in uniform tirelessly preparing the Marines under his command for combat in foreign lands by requiring them to become acquainted with the cultures they were about to experience first-hand.

Mattis has been praised for his intellectualism, and is considered “one of the most urbane and polished men” who have ever served in the US military.

Trump, on the other hand, dodged the draft five times during the Vietnam War and never put on a uniform in service of this country.

Unlike Mattis, Trump is a coward who displays his ignorance and stupidity at every turn. Mattis is a voracious reader who has written books himself. Trump prefers pictures and had his books ghostwritten.

Calling Mattis a fake Marine is an insult to the military. This tweet will not only outrage veterans, it will anger active-duty troops who are already souring on Trump as it is. If Trump hoped the military would help keep him in power if he loses in November, attacking Mattis in this way was not a smart idea.

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