Trump Breaks Out The Profanity In Unhinged Rant Against Dominion Lawsuits

You mad, bro?

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Surprise, surprise — Donald Trump is mad again.

Recently, the disgraced former guy sat down for an interview with conservative radio host John Fredericks, where he raged against Dominion Voting Systems and the forces he claims are trying to “silence people” from speaking out about the alleged corruption and fraud (that doesn’t actually exist) in the 2020 presidential election.

During the interview, Trump actually referred to President Biden as “brilliant” because “he cheated on the election.”

“He has a group of smart people that are very devious,” the one-term, twice-impeached former guy claimed. “And Republicans, I mean, honestly they don’t cheat or they’re not good at cheating and I’m not asking them to cheat. We want fair elections. But the Democrats cheat on elections.”

Of course, the interview only got worse from there, as Donald began to rage and fume against lawsuits hailing from Dominion Voting Systems as well as various social media companies that have banned conservative voices spreading misinformation and dangerous, violent conspiracy theories.

I want to note here that Dominion Voting Systems has not sued the ex-president personally, but rather a slew of attorneys and Right-wing news outlets for spreading blatant misinformation regarding the 2020 presidential election and, namely, Dominion’s integrity.

“It was a rigged election and I’ll say it loudly,” Trump manically asserted. “You know, they want to silence people with that shit. I have to speak the truth. I just speak the truth.”

He went on to claim that he was able to win the 2016 election because “we got them by surprise and they said we’ll never let that happen again.”

“The angriest person there is right now is Hillary Clinton because she told them, ‘Why didn’t you do that for me?'” he claimed. “We won this last election in a landslide.”

You can watch the clip from Real America’s Voice here:

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