Trump Called Democrats “Evil” Then Said The Country Is “Unified”

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Donald Trump spoke to reporters today and lashed out at Democrats, saying, “I think there’s a lot of evil on that side. They’ve gone crazy, they’ve gone totally crazy.” From there, he tore into House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for shredding a copy of his State of the Union address. Trump falsely claimed that Pelosi’s act this week was “very illegal” and then called it “very disrespectful to the chambers and the country.” Pelosi didn’t break any laws in ripping up a copy (not the original document) of his address, by the way.

Even one of Trump’s defenders in his impeachment inquiry agrees that “Nancy Pelosi did not violate federal law.” It’s almost as if Trump has a pattern now of wanting to lock women up even though they’ve committed no crimes.

Trump was asked how he can unify the country when he’s attacking his rivals, and the president said, “It’s already unified” — then to prove that he bizarrely mentioned the crowds at his rallies.


Trump went from ripping into Democrats to claiming the country is unified and he backed that assertion up by pointing to his fire-breathing, lint-licking, sycophantic base. Now, sometimes I think Trump is painfully stupid, and other times, like now, it’s clear that he’s clinging to his cult following. Trump supporters are dedicated, but they do not represent the country. In fact, the “fuck your feelings” crowd is what’s dividing the U.S. Trump stays at his safe places at the White House, Mar-a-Lago, and his rallies, but never ventures beyond them.

Just look at how unifying Trump is.

And of course, on Twitter, he bragged about his jobs report even though it lags behind former President Barack Obama’s. All of this is just Trump’s way of gaslighting the country with disinformation. As for calling the House Speaker “Nervous Nancy,” we recall Pelosi very calmly ripping up Trump’s SOTU address. He is terrified of her, and he should be. She represents the checks and balances of his godawful “presidency.”

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