Assistant Chief Of Police Said Nancy Pelosi Could Be Targeted By “Roadside Bomb On Her Way Home” For Tearing Up SOTU Speech

This is unacceptable and he should be fired.

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An Alabama police officer is in serious trouble after he appeared to call for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to be targeted by a roadside bomb in response to her ripping up President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech on Tuesday.

Pelosi tore a copy of Trump’s speech in half at the end of his remarks, stealing the show and enraging conservatives across the country. Many of them, including Trump himself, have called for Pelosi to be removed from office or jailed.

It should be pointed out that Pelosi did not break any laws when she tore up the speech because it was only a copy. Nevertheless, conservatives are still attacking her and one went so far as to suggest targeting her with deadly violence.

Jeff Buckles is the assistant chief of the Geraldine police department in DeKalb County, Alabama.

His job is to protect and serve, yet he violated everything the police are supposed to stand for by inciting terroristic violence against Pelosi by saying she should be bombed.

“Pelosi just ripped up his speach (sic),” Buckles wrote on Facebook. “Road Side bomb on her way home and any other Dumbocrats.”

The backlash was instantaneous, and Buckles deleted the post and apologized for “venting.”

“I have definitely offended some people with my remarks,” he wrote. “It just rips my heart out that our great country is so divided.”

Of course, Buckles himself contributed to the division by inciting violence against Pelosi, who is third in the presidential line of succession. As of Friday, Buckles’ future as a police officer hangs in limbo.

According to

Geraldine Mayor Chuck Ables on Thursday evening said he and police Chief Heath Albright are still gathering information and will meet with the town’s attorney on Friday to decide what to do in response to Buckles’ post. The mayor declined to share his reaction to the assistant chief’s Facebook post.”

Such a high-ranking officer should know better than to post violent rhetoric. He of all people should know that there are unstable individuals who could read what he said and act upon his words.

This is the kind of irresponsibility that should get any police officer fired. Yet Republicans have the gall to claim that Democrats are the ones being uncivil.

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