Trump Campaign Director Announces Trump Is Still Planning To Participate In The Next Debate With Biden

Joe should wear a Hazmat suit.

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During the first presidential debate with Joe Biden, Donald Trump did poorly as the president interrupted moderator Chris Wallace and the Democratic nominee at least 128 times. Then, the president contracted COVID-19, the disease Trump has downplayed and mismanaged for months. And frankly, the news coming from the White House and Trump’s doctor isn’t forthcoming. We don’t even know if the president is still testing positive or not. And he’s on experimental drugs that have side effects.

And we’re not sure if that raving lunatic will even confine himself to his quarters while isolating due to his COVID diagnosis and treatment. Trump tweeted dangerous advice on the coronavirus, telling Americans not to be afraid of COVID. However, the president has access to the best care, drugs, and experimental treatment, unlike regular folks.

At any rate, Trump plans to forge ahead to debate Joe Biden, according to CNN. And that’s his right, but if I were Joe Biden, I’d go in a Hazmat suit since so many people in Trump’s orbit are now COVID-19 positive. And I’d bring a fuckton of plexiglass.

Because this is really alarming:

Asked by CNN on the president’ss debate plans, Campaign Communications Director Tim Murtaugh said, “It is the President’s intention to debate.”

After Trump tweeted that he feels better than he “did 20 years ago,” it makes sense after reading about the side effects of the drugs he’s taking.

The announcement comes on the same day Trump tweeted that he’ll be discharged from Walter Reed hospital, and that was just a few days after he was diagnosed with COVID. As for Biden, he said on Monday that he is willing to debate Trump later this month even though the president has coronavirus “if scientists say it’s safe.” The next presidential debate is scheduled to take place on October 15th.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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