Trump Claims “Big, Powerful, Tough People” Cry When He Shows Them The Oval Office

Oh, look. Trump is being a weirdo again.

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Donald Trump is currently delivering a speech at the Opportunity Now Summit in North Carolina and at this point, I, along with the majority of the rest of Americans I think, have pretty much just accepted the fact that every time the man opens his mouth something stupid is just going to pour right out of it. And Donnie didn’t disappoint in that regard today. Hell, he hit the stupid threshold before he barely even got started.

Of course, like any other time Trump has a chance to speak to the public his speech quickly turned into a thinly-veiled MAGA rally in which he fawns all over himself. I honestly don’t know how the guy’s shoulders are still in their sockets for all that patting himself on the back.

Standing behind the podium at the Summit, Trump began to speak about all the big, powerful, tough people that he’s had the pleasure of entertaining at the White House. CEOs, fellow world leaders — basically a slew of rich, old white dudes who both think they stand to make a dime off the other. Pretty typical rhetoric out of Donald.

But things got weird when he went on to claim that these “big, powerful, tough people” were so moved by the sight of the Oval Office that they tend to cry upon entering.

“I’ve had people walk into the office, it’s beautiful, but they have more beautiful in many cases I guess. But it’s what it represents. They walk in, powerful people, big people and they’re crying,” Trump claimed. “I like showing it… And you see them start to cry. Tough people. They haven’t cried since they were a baby. Some of them never cried at all. Even when they were a baby. And they start to cry when they walk into the Oval Office!”

“Pretty amazing,” Trump declared.

Okay. But have you ever thought that maybe they’re crying because of who is inhabiting the Oval Office now? Something to consider.

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