Trump Could Have Yet Another “Lawsuit In The Making” On His Hands Thanks To His Red-Bottomed Gold Sneakers: Analyst

That's gonna come back to bite him.

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Trump’s desperate effort to foot the bill for his recent, mounting legal fees and fines may soon come back to bite him where it hurts, as one CNN analyst said the former president is just itching for a lawsuit with his ridiculous new gold Trump sneakers, featuring red soles that are highly reminiscent of another, far more popular and time-honored brand — the infamous Louboutin Red Bottom.

In the wake of the launch of Trump’s gold sneakers, CNN analyst Maria Cardona said that, as a “shoe diva,” she is highly familiar with the ins and outs of copyright law, with a specific interest in luxury, high-end brands such as Louboutin, and in her opinion, Trump is just asking to be sued over the design of his new shoe scam.

“When I looked at this, I said, this is yet another lawsuit in the making,” Cardona told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in specific regard to the Trump sneakers’ red soles.

As we all know, Christian Louboutin’s shoes are famous for their striking red soles.

Trump’s shoe scheme was born out of pure desperation right after the scandal-plagued, disgraced former president was slammed with a $350 million plus mounting interest fraud judgment by New York Judge Arthur Engoron, in connection to NY Attorney General Letitia James’ civil lawsuit against him and the Trump Organization for knowingly misrepresenting the value of their assets in an effort to defraud banks, insurance companies, and the IRS.

That massive judgment came hot on the heels of the $88.3 million judgment lodged against him in the E. Jean Carroll case.

Suffice it to say, Donald Trump is desperate for cash.

He debuted the tacky sneakers for a whopping $400 a pair and they sold out rather quickly — though, upon looking at the fine print on the website, it seems buyers didn’t actually purchase shoes, but rather a promise for shoes that don’t even exist yet and won’t ship out for at least another 5 months, if then.

But Cardona is warning that this ridiculous sneaker scheme may just end up costing the former guy even more in the end, if he’s slammed with a copyright lawsuit by the luxury brand.

“Louboutin, who is a hugely famous top-line designer of women’s shoes, has a very, his, his shoes famously have a red sole,” she explained. ” He has been in some lawsuits before where the court and the European Union, the court in India have said this red sole is a trademark of this shoe designer.”

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