Trump Crumbles As Mueller Closes In, Aides Stunned By His Behavior During G20 Prep

I had no idea it was THIS bad.

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This week, like so many others in his doomed presidency, has been a pretty awful one for Donald Trump. Full of failures, looming investigations, and a team that just keeps ratting him out, the president has never been more nervous and it’s really starting to show.

Earlier today, Trump’s longtime personal attorney, Michael Cohen, pleaded guilty and admitted he had lied to Congress in order to protect the president. Mueller has been closing in on the president and his family — including Ivanka, who got exposed for an email scandal — with great speed and Trump is having a meltdown. But that’s just scratching the surface.

According to Trump’s own White House staff, the president hasn’t been able to do his job even in the slightest. Even though the president is supposed to be preparing for the G20 summit, the president’s own aides stated that he is unable to focus and is “completely distracted,” preventing them from getting any sort of prepping done.

CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer reported that Trump was “spooked” and “in a terrible mood” all during his flight to Argentina for G20, ensuring that the president is now going to embarrass America on the world stage again because he’s incompetent and unprepared. To add to Trump’s troubles, the Russian media has been going nuts all day about the upcoming meeting between Trump and his BFF, Russian president Vladimir Putin — which was called off by Trump at the last minute. Blitzer said:

This is an embarrassment for Vladimir Putin who now looks like he’s been stood up.”

Trump hates when he looks bad — even if he is the cause of it. Looks like Trump is going into the G20 summit as the most unhinged version of himself we’ll ever see. You can watch the report below:

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