Trump Demands States Use National Guard To Put Down Protests And Social Media Responds: “Imagine Being This Proud Of Being This Divisive”

Trump is really enjoying turning the National Guard against American citizens.

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President Donald Trump gloated about the National Guard putting down protests in Minneapolis through use of force, so now he is demanding other states do the same — all while blaming liberals and anti-fascists for the violence.

Trump had threatened to order the National Guard to shoot black protesters, whom he labeled as “thugs,” in a tweet that drew a warning label from Twitter for “glorifying violence.”

On Sunday morning, Trump decided to brag about how the National Guard put down protests and demanded other states follow suit.

Trump then tried to pin the violence at these protests on Antifa, the name for loosely organized activists with no central leadership who oppose fascism and Nazis, by declaring the non-group a “terrorist organization” — all while ignoring reports that the perpetrators of the violence and looting are out-of-state white supremacists and right-wingers who are trying to make black protesters look bad.

Americans responded to Trump’s divisiveness.

When all is said and done, the National Guardsmen who “just followed orders” will be remembered with disdain. They could have rejected Trump’s divisiveness. Instead, they became the shock troopers Trump wanted them to be. People are being maimed and it’s only a matter of time before protesters are killed. And the blood is all on Trump’s hands.

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