Trump Doubles Down In Defense Of His Infamous “Grab Them By The…” Comments During CNN Town Hall, Amid Brutal Assault Verdict

I have no words.

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Yesterday afternoon, a New York federal jury reached a monumental and brutal verdict in the infamous rape and defamation case brought against Donald J. Trump by world-renowned author and advice columnist, E. Jean Carroll, who has publicly accused the now-former president of brutally sexually assaulting her in the dressing room of a Manhattan department store in the 1990s.

Following only a few short hours of deliberation, the jury on the trial found former US President Donald Trump liable for sexual battery and defamation against E. Jean Carroll.

ABC News reported on the bombshell news, “The jury awarded Carroll a total of $5 million in the lawsuit. Jury members found that Trump did not rape Carroll but sexually abused her, and awarded damages of $2 million in compensatory damages and $20,000 in punitive damages for battery.”

“The jury awarded $1 million in damages, $1.7 million for reputation repair, and $280,000 in punitive damages, for defamation.”

Trump was, of course, very quick to lash out against the verdict on his Truth Social platform, writing in an all-caps, rage-filled post that he has “ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHO THIS WOMAN IS,” before going on to call the verdict a “disgrace.”

Suffice it to say, Donald Trump clearly hasn’t learned his lesson when it comes to keeping his grubby, tiny hands to himself and he made that more than clear during tonight’s unhinged town hall on CNN.

This evening, the scandal-ridden former president — who is already openly refusing to participate in a Republican presidential debate — is participating in a town hall with CNN anchor Kaitlan Collins, which he has thus far treated like less of a political forum and more of an open mic night featuring the one and only Donnie J. Trump.

At one point during tonight’s event, Collins questioned the ex-president regarding the infamous Access Hollywood tapes, in which Donald Trump was heard bragging about how he grabs women by their genitals because “when you’re famous” they “let you.”

Collins’ question came amid Donald’s brutal loss in the E. Jean Carroll case, where the jury found that he did, in fact, sexually assault the world-renowned advice columnist. However, instead of trying to do an ounce of damage control as we watch his past and present collide, the former guy only doubled down harder in defense of himself and his horrifyingly disgusting remarks.

See for yourself:

Make no mistake — this man will NEVER change.

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