Trump Economist On American’s Need For COVID Relief Checks: “Everyone Loves Free Money”

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After suffering through nearly a year of this disastrous, deadly pandemic, with 300,000 and counting American lives lost, the people of this nation are finally being given a second round of relief funds after the one $1200 payment we received months ago — albeit begrudgingly. This time it’s a measly $600 that quite literally won’t even pay half of the rent payment in any decent dwelling, much less make us rich or allow us to go on some sort of vacation or spending spree. Yet, still, GOPers are finding a way to mock and make fun of the American people who so desperately need the financial help amid a disaster their party all but created.

One member of Donald Trump’s Economic Recovery Task Force, Stephen Moore, made his thoughts and feelings on struggling Americans crystal clear during a Fox News interview, in which he mocked and seemingly talked down on the people who need this COVID relief money, labeling them as people who just want “free money.”

During the Fox interview, Moore was asked if he thought Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue risked their chances at winning their impending runoff elections in Georgia after they opposed the idea of a $2000 relief check instead of the $600 bill that’s now been passed.


Moore responded by quipping, “Everyone loves free money. You want to give me free money. I’m happy to take it.”

“Americans like this idea of the government writing checks to people,” he continued. “But of course that’s not the way you get an economy functioning. It would be a wonderful thing if all we had to do to get our economy back up running is fill helicopters with hundred dollar bills and drop them over cities. But that just isn’t very smart economic policy.”

It’s not the idea of free money that everyone “likes,” Moore. It’s the idea of being able to feed their families in the middle of a literally deadly pandemic that your peeps refuse to get under control — something they won’t even be able to do with a laughable $600 check. But sure, keep showing your true colors. We appreciate it.

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