Trump Ends G20 Summit With Two Major Foreign Policy Fails, Trouble Ahead For POTUS In 2019

This is unbelievable.

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Once again, Donald Trump’s presence at an international summit was basically useless and a waste of time, money, and energy for the United States. As Trump was at the G-20 summit in Argentina over the weekend, the president was given two major tasks he needed to accomplish while meeting with world leaders. Guess how many of them got accomplished: Zero. To make this even more humiliating, these things were his own campaign promises – the very things he told his base he would be able to deliver!

According to an Axios report, Trump had two big foreign policy promises he failed to keep. Axios reported:

Trump telegraphed ambivalence about the two issues that have defined his time in politics: China and the wall.”

Trump had caved on trade with China, despite all the tough talk he has been doing before the summit. During his 2016 campaign, the president had vowed to force China to stop pummeling American companies. Axios noted, “But China hasn’t changed in any meaningful way.” In fact, Trump called a temporary cease to his trade war with China during the summit. His other foreign policy promise, his beloved “wall”, is nowhere near being built or funded – resulting in another big fail.

Axios also reported that Trump’s efforts are only going to be further ruined by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation and the Democratic uprising that resulted in the midterm elections. One concerned “hawk” predicted more trouble would be ahead for the president:

The whole effort with China has been brought to a grinding halt. Elections have consequences. The defeat in November leads to compromises in December on the wall and trade — and we haven’t yet begun ’19.”

Trump hasn’t delivered on anything he promised his supporters he would do – and this is going to bite him in the a** when 2020 rolls around.

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