Trump Family Hit With Embarrassing Appeals Court Loss

Having a bad day, eh?

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Colin Kalmbacher at Law & Crime reports that former President Donald Trump, his adult children, and the Trump Organization were dealt a blow in appearls court on Wednesday morning. Apparently, the Trumps wanted to keep what appears to be a Ponzi scheme, to be kept out of the public. So, they petitioned the court to keep it private, but the court rejected it. Now, I’m not a lawyer, but a better way to not be caught up in the public eye in court is to probably not do awful shit, to begin with.

“For years the Trump family and its namesake entity have fought to keep a potentially ugly pyramid scheme lawsuit from being litigated in the public sphere,” the outlet reports. “The 45th first family’s weapon of choice to keep those details under wraps was private and compelled arbitration clauses.”

“In a 43-page opinion, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit denied the Trump family’s request to settle the numerous complaints against them behind the veil, and with the help, of arbitrators,” Kalmbacher writes.


“The truth or falsity of the plaintiffs’ allegations is not before us,” Circuit Judge Robert D. Sack wrote. “We neither express nor imply any views with respect to them. The only question before us is whether this case should be resolved before the district court or an arbitrator.”

An attorney for the plaintiffs took to Twitter to praise the court’s decision.

The court’s opinion reads, in part, “The four pseudonymous plaintiffs are persons of modest financial means who maintain that they fell victim to the defendants’ allegedly fraudulent scheme to induce consumers to invest in ACN by making false and misleading promotional statements about ACN’s business. The defendants allegedly concealed the fact that they were paid handsomely by ACN for what purported to be unsolicited endorsements.”

As I said, don’t do awful things to people, then you won’t be exposed for being a terrible human being. It’s simple really.

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