Trump Finally Acknowledges His Plunging Poll Numbers Against Biden, Whines That It’s “Very Unfair”

Having a bad day, Mr. Trump?

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Former Vice President and Democratic nominee Joe Biden is trouncing Donald Trump in the polls. A newly released poll shows that Biden is close to fifty percent (49%), while Trump isn’t anywhere close (42%) to that in the poll. To explain how devastating the polls are for Trump, Biden is doing better than former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton did at this point — and she won the popular vote.

Trump deserves to lose as he sows hatred while dividing us amid a national crisis or two. This president is incapable of leading during the coronavirus pandemic, and now Americans are faced with protesting after police officers murdered yet another unarmed black man. Biden, on the other hand, has reached out to the protesters and black community leaders. Biden doesn’t throw hissy fits on Twitter, and instead, he tries to find solutions without making issues worse than they are.

Trump sounds defeated.

Bloomberg reports that Biden has pulled further ahead in the industrial Midwestern states that Trump won in 2016.

Trump summoned top political advisers to the White House Thursday for a meeting on ways to reverse poll numbers showing re-election may be slipping from his grasp.”

Trump has mishandled the current issues Americans are facing so badly that some Republican lawmakers are planning to abandon this president like rats off a sinking ship. But we’re taking names, so it’s going to be difficult for this president’s enablers to shake the shit called Donald J. Trump from their shoes.

And while Trump wanted the military and governors to “dominate” protesters, it appears that Joe Biden is dominating the former TV reality star. Trump always blames others for his own failings and isn’t capable of putting the people’s well-being ahead of his own while the country is reeling from several disasters that have befallen this nation.

We need calmness, not a raging narcissist at the helm.

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