Trump Fuming After Parody About His Puerto Rico Death Toll Comments Goes Viral

This is all too perfect — whoever did this is a hero!

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It’s so easy to make Donald Trump lose his temper, especially now that he’s under so much pressure with his scandals and investigations. This week, “The Daily Show” found a way to combine several things that Trump hates into one amazing image, and the president is horrified because it is going viral as we speak.

As Americans are being cautioned about disastrous weather conditions, the president once again decided to make everything about himself and bragged about how much a “success” the death toll in Puerto Rico was. It was absolutely disgusting, and it was a lie. Trump has tried to defend his horrific response after Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico last year, and he did this by spreading misinformation about what the death toll really was. Fortunately, The Daily Show called him right out for it.

Earlier today, Trump denied research and facts that stated the death toll from Hurricane Maria was nearly 3,000. He also said that Democrats had made up that number “in order to make me look as bad as possible” (even though it was an independent study by George Washington University and was backed up by CNN).

The Daily Show responded to Trump by channeling the president’s worst nightmare — NFL player Colin Kaepernick. Creating a parody out of Kaepernick’s new Nike ad (which set Trump off when it came out), The Daily Show changed the ad to say:

Believe in something. Unless that thing makes you look bad.”

Needless to say, this went viral immediately as it applied to Trump’s Puerto Rico comments:

We would love to see what’s happening inside the White House right now. This is one ad parody Trump would have wanted no part of.

Featured image via screen capture