Trump Goes Off The Deep End In Twitter Rage After Ivanka Is Busted For Lying Over Security Clearance

He is terrified!

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As Ivanka Trump sits comfortably in front of world leaders who she has no business being around at the G20 Summit in Japan, we look back at a fantastic time when princess got herself into a lot of hot water no thanks to her daddy. No matter how hard she clings to her dad’s coattails, ole Donald has managed to get his most favorite daughter into a world of shit — and chances are he won’t be able to save her in the end.

No matter how much Donald Trump screams about “No collusion! No obstruction!” the fact of the business is, he and virtually his entire family are nothing but a bunch of lobsters sitting in an ever-increasingly hot pot of water. Several entities separate from the Department of Justice, most importantly the Southern District of New York, are still hot and heavy on their asses — and they are free from the DOJ restriction that prevents them from indicting a sitting president. Not to mention, Donald can’t pardon state charges.

Trump’s former fixer and personal attorney Micheal Cohen effectively threw Trump’s daughter under the bus in his testimony earlier this year in regards to her deep involvement in her father’s shady business deals. Add that to the fact that both she and her husband Jared Kushner have been busted for their illegitimate security clearances as well as their shady business dealings through personal email and WhatsApp accounts, things are not looking good for this particular Trump spawn.

And knowing that his daughter is soon to go down for his crimes absolutely killed Donald. Perhaps he’s worried he wouldn’t be able to ogle her properly if she’s wearing an orange jumpsuit.

So, naturally, this spurred one of Trump’s most desperate Twitter tantrums:

Trump knows that his time is running out for him and his family.

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