Trump Got Roasted After People Believed They Busted The Ex-President Heavily Photoshopping His Physique In Wildly Different Photos That Came From The Same Day


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Scandal-ridden former guy Donald Trump got absolutely roasted on social media after Twitter users busted him for (as they believe) seemingly heavily Photoshopping images of himself — More specifically, heavily editing his, ahem… Physique.

Ok! Magazine reported on an image posted to Twitter by former federal prosecutor and popular social media user Ron Filipkowski, that showed the 76-year-old washed-up ex-president posing with a couple of his devout fans while out and about for the day, possibly at his equally scandal-ridden Mar-a-Lago golf resort.

The photo itself isn’t a strange one for the former guy, and merely shows him in his trademarked white golf polo and bright red MAGA hat, while flaunting his notorious thumbs up and wide-mouthed, shit-eating grin. However, Flilipkowski’s caption did point out something in particular that caught a lot of folks’ eyes.

“Trump’s social media guy got a little carried away on the photoshopped physique today,” the former DeSantis-era federal prosecutor captioned the image of the has-been ex-president.

Take a look:

Other Twitter users were quick to take to the comments of Ron’s post with additional photos that appeared to have been taken on the same day as the above image, with Trump’s gut frankly looking far more rotund.

Seriously, the difference is staggering, to say the very least:

Suffice it to say, social media roasted the big guy like a Christmas duck:

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Honestly, the least he could do is get a better Photoshop guy.

Featured image via screen capture

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